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  1. Hadley
    Hadley Updatingchloel
    Dance moms fan? Welcome btw.
  2. Silent_Rage
    Silent_Rage Fed
    Hello Fed hope this finds you doing okay doing good here...just thought I stop by and shout out and say hi....
  3. Hadley
    Welcome to 2016 Dance fans
  4. Fast7
    Fast7 Killing Heidi
    Can you please confirm my Videos?
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    2. Killing Heidi
      Killing Heidi
      All good to go!
      May 26, 2015
  5. Hadley
    Getting late. Will upload all my Videos tomorrow.
  6. Maddie
    Move to Xenforo fully Complete! :)
  7. Busy Bee 15
    Busy Bee 15
    I'm not a Mormon!
  8. Cheerleader
    And so it continues to rain...
  9. HitGirl
    We want Media not Chat Rooms please?
  10. Killing Heidi
    Killing Heidi
    Chats need togo!!!

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